Our Team

Trisha Pillay

Financial Manager

In her role of Financial Manager at Vulindlela Holdings, Trisha Pillay is responsible for providing, monitoring and interpreting all financial information, under the guidance of the Chief Financial Officer. In addition, her position involves predicting the company’s future financial trends, co-ordinating tax, VAT and SARS documentation, ensuring IFRS compliance, and managing members of the financial team.

Trisha has a passion not just for accounting, but for the innovative, creative and problem solving capabilities required for successful and efficient financial management. She is a qualified Chartered Accountant, having received her Honours in Accounting through UNISA in 2013, and her SAICA certification in 2018. Prior to joining Vulindlela in 2017, her previous work at various companies, including ASP Rope Access, PKF Durban and Umnotho Business Consulting, solidified her financial skills and knowledge with superb real world business experience.

Trisha’s understanding of financial strategy, combined with her comprehensive knowledge and expertise, makes her a valuable member of the Vulindlela team.